6 tips for moving homes during the pandemic

This article was published on June 9th , 2020

While COVID19 has been disrupting life everywhere in the world, Qatar included, there are some things that still need to go on in life. If you’re in need of moving during this time, here are a few things to consider.

1. Use new packing supplies and material:

Many of us rush to supermarkets and corner stores asking for old boxes that we use for our move. These days, to minimize risk and if possible, use new and fresh material when packing up your belongings.

2. Sanitize the new home:
While many companies, owners and landlords are taking it upon themselves to sanitize the property before a new tenant moves in, should that not be the case, look into getting a professional company to deep clean and sanitize the home before you move in.

3. Do your research:
When using a moving company, don’t shy away from asking the serious questions. Have they had any positive cases? What safety measures are they taking? Is there anything else that they are doing to ensure safety while operating? All these questions will help you ease your mind while moving.

4. Have extra resources on hand:

Masks, gloves, sanitizers, wipes should all be made available for you, your family, any friends that are helping you and even the movers, if you are using them.

5. Practice social distancing:
While it seems difficult, social distancing yourself from strangers is essential. While movers are in one room, try and remain in another one, or even better, have them pack everything in the house while you are at the new property. Minimizing contact is key!

6. Think of family members:

If your family includes elderly people, small children or anyone with health issues, it is best that you do not include them at all during the move, and have them at a separate location, or wait at the new property.

Stay safe!

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