7 Things You Should Do Before Signing A New Lease 

You think you’ve found the perfect home for you, but there are a number of things that you need to ensure before signing the lease!

1. Read your rental agreement:

We all get very excited at the first sign of what we feel is the prefect home for us, that we sign the lease haphazardly, and without actually paying too much attention to it. Make sure you get all the details -maintenance policy, pet policy, utilities, breaking the lease early, etc.… Learn and know this information well before putting pen to paper!

2. Test the internet and cell phone reception:

Let’s face it, it’s the era of connectivity, and no one wants to suffer from a bad internet connection or cell phone reception. Test out the internet and the reception at your new place before moving in, to make sure that you’re happy with the speed and the clarity of your connections. Saves you long term frustration – trust us!

3. Talk to your potential new neighbors:
Nothing will give you more insight than conversations with existing tenants. Ask about noise, traffic, how management responds to disputes/requests. All this will make it easier for you to understand how comfortable you will be in your new home.

4. Visit multiple times:
Drive to your new building or compound at different times of the day to test out your commute. Early morning, afternoon and evenings all have different traffic patterns, so make sure you are well aware of what you’re getting yourself in to before moving in.

5. Test out the place:

Turn on faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Test out the shower, turn on the lights, open the windows, turn on the AC… do everything you can think of to make it easier for you and your landlord to prepare the homes for your move-in date.

6. Open cabinets and closets:
Do a quick check of cabinets and closets across the home, not only to ensure cleanliness, but also to make sure that they are all working properly and correctly. Should anything need to be fixed or removed, your landlord should take on that responsibility.

7. Measure the space:

If you already have furniture and appliances and will be moving them with you, make sure they all fit in the space of your new home. You don’t want to end up with a couch or table that’s too big!

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