8 Smart Ways to Organize Your Closet

This article was published on July 22nd, 2018

One thing that almost everyone dislikes to do it organizing their closet. Clothes, shoes, accessories, sentimental items that go back years in time… it’s all there! Here are a few smart ways to organize your closets at home.

1. Declutter:
The first thing you need to do is declutter your closet. There are a lot of things you can do to have a closet full of clothes that you actually use. Click here to read our Closet Clean Out tips.

2. Place items smartly: 
Place the items that you use the most at eye level, which make them easy to reach at a moment’s notice. Least used items should be placed at the top, and items that you moderately use can be placed on the bottom section.

3. Combine Storage:

Use a combination of storage units across the closet. Hangers for clothes, boxes for those extra items and drawers for folded items. You can also use shelf dividers to better organize your folded items as well.

4. Use hooks:

Hooks can instantly create more space in a closet. Use it for coats, jumpers, hats… the possibilities are endless!

5. Think of seasons:
We know that it doesn’t get too cold in Qatar, but we’re certain that you have three or four cold-weather items in your closet. Sort them out in separate boxes when they are not needed, or store them correctly in suitcases.

6. Coordinate by color or style:

If you have the space, you can either coordinate your clothes by color, or, by style/occasion. Work clothes can be separated from your causal and semi-formal clothes. This will make it easier for you to divide your closet and choose an outfit!

7. Use vertical hangers:

Coordinated hangers will leave your clothes looking fresh and clean, and will not take up too much space. Plus, they are great for coordinating your outfits!

8. Carts:
The addition of rolling carts is a great idea for anyone who is looking to store separate items in a neat way, which also does not take up too much space in the closet.

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