Areas at home you always forget to clean (but shouldn’t!)

Keep these in mind when cleaning!

1. Walls:
Bacteria and dust can make a great home for themselves on your walls! Make sure you clean them up good!

2 Doorknobs:

Be it the ones on your closets or the one on your doors, imagine how many times you’ve used those knobs without cleaning them!

3. Top of cupboards and closets:
Commit to a minimum of weekly cleaning, as top of furniture is the perfect place for dust to compile.

4. Lampshades:

Each and every lamp shade needs to be cleaned, whether they are floor lamps or table lamps.

5. Kitchen Appliances:

Your dishwasher and washing machine are there to help you clean – but are they clean? Home appliances should be cleaned regularly in order to do their job properly

6. Curtains:
Your curtains are a staple to your home, and are usually overlooked when it comes to cleaning.

7. Fans and ACs:

Living in the gulf, fans and ACs are home essentials! Cleaning your fans and AC ducts will not only help them work better, but will also keep the air clean

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