Elevate your listing and rank higher with these tips

Elevate your listing and rank higher with these tips

1. Title:

This is the most important piece of text that you can add to you listing – as end users will view this first. Try using catchy keywords such as sea view, one month free, etc.… you can refer to our latest Trends report for the top searched keywords that end users are searching for.

Remember, listings need to be between 30 and 50 characters long.

2. Description

According to our research, around 50% of visitors click on “read more” on the property details page. This is a huge opportunity for you to grab the end users attention, by providing more details about the property, mentioning all unique selling points and features. The listing description length can range from 750 to 2,000 characters. Remember to also use popular keywords to help users find your units with more ease. In this section, you can add all the details about the property, and also mention the amenities included.

3. Images
Undoubtedly, this is the most important section of your listing – as this will give users the first glance of the property. Makes sure you use high quality photos, and that the property is clean, tidy and well kept. Keep in mind that 70% of end users click on images when reaching the property detail page. Additionally, our data shows that that property listings with high-quality photos generate an average 30% more clicks and 50% more leads.

Keep the below in mind when thinking about photos:
– Use landscape photos
– Make sure the photo is bright and clear – preferably for the photo to be taken during the day.
– highlight unique selling points, such as views, space, etc.… do not duplicate photos.
– Use clear, high resolution photos. Do not upload pixelated or blurry photos. Remember, it’s all about quality!

4. Watermark
Watermarking your images protects your listings and images. Our MyCRM system can watermark a photo for your with a click of a button!

5. Location:
It’s all about the location! Make sure you select all four location levels, to ensure that your details are precise, and that the end user is well aware of your unit location.

BADAl Sadd, Doha
BETTERAl Sadd Road, Al Sadd, Doha
BESTAl Mana Tower, C-ring Road, Al Sadd, Doha

5. Quality Score

Following the above recommendations will help you get a 100% score on your listing quality score. This means that your listings will rank higher and receive more visibility. The higher the quality score, the higher the chance your listings will appear in searches.

6: Virtual tours (3D Tours):

The addition of 3D tours to your listing is a great way to bring your listing to life, making it easier for an end user to imagine the unit. In this day and age, end users are looking for ease of browsing, and this feature delivers that experience.