Abdullah Al-Anssary
Sales Manager
Majestic Real Estate

In a few months, the biggest and most prestigious sporting tournament to be held in the Middle East will kick off in Qatar.

FIFA was created as an independent entity with objectives to help promote positive social change around the world and raise support for the recovery and reconstruction of damaged or destroyed sports infrastructure worldwide.

Benefits of FIFA World Cup 2022

Strong points on hosting an eminent event:

–       Worldwide advertisement

–       A surge in tourism expect

–       An urge to Invest

–       Increased demand for properties

–       Feel-good effect on citizens and residents

 As a result of such a large-scale event, it won’t be surprising that Qatar could potentially reap numerous benefits. The notion of hosting and accommodating visitors will create and bring significant business to the real estate market as it may attract more foreign investors and individuals.

The Impact of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The world cup is a pretty big deal; it brings dramatic change all over the country. From the development of an urban area like Lusail City into a futuristic infrastructure; building a new metro system and laying over a thousand kilometres of highways and tens of thousands residential and commercial units. 

In the real estate sector, properties now have a new scope as opportunities and commerce in the country increases. Hundreds of investors are taking advantage of starting their business in one of the richest and in-demand countries of the world, which gives the commercial market an unimaginable request as it took a big hit when Qatar became the major business district.

On the other hand, investors are not always after to open a shop, cafes or restaurants but also to own a property that can be rented on any occasions. It won’t be surprising since thousands of fans from all over the world will come to give support to the participating team that gives higher demand on residential units as everyone needs a place to call home even for a short period of time.

Life After The FIFA World Cup

The World Cup might be a great attraction, but Qatar will continuously hold multiple events in the future and will have another one to add to the history books in 2030. This will give Qatar a chance to show to the world the vibrant cultures and values it offers, all while creating a long-lasting legacy that will be associated with for many more years to come.

One of the common struggles after hosting the FIFA World Cup will be the oversupply of residential units. Having learned from the mistakes of other countries, Qatar’s planning not only for the sake of the 2022 tournament, but has also accounted for the future hosting of multiple events that will continue until 2030. As well as the development of some areas like the Al Khor coastal road that will consist of five-star hotels, beachfront villas and many more. 

Why to Invest in Qatar real estate?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup can be appealing to investors, but what Qatar really wants you to see is their commitment to everyone that gives a long-term impact specifically in the real estate market. Clients often say that the real estate market might only be beneficial during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but as a property consultant, this will only be the beginning. 

This is indeed the perfect time of the year to invest in the Qatar real estate market, considering that this year’s event is not the highlight to a long-term impact, but a start-up to something bigger.

The best option for property owners who wish to enter the real estate market is leasing, however, buying a property will always be a great investment opportunity, especially while prices are still low even though the demand is high.

This article was published as part of the seventh edition of Property Finder Qatar’s Trends Report.