How To Host A World Cup Party, Whether You Like Football Or Not

While there are a number of great places that are showing the semifinal and final games in Qatar, many fans of the game prefer to watch the games in the solace of their homes. If you’re planning a World Cup get together for the last few remaining games, read on for tips on how to host the perfect world cup party!

1. The theme:

This is a pretty obvious one, but we like to be detailed. Obviously, everything should be about the football, and since just about everyone has football fever these days, this shouldn’t be too hard to execute. Flags, banners, paper plates and napkins… you will easily find all sorts of ways to add the theme of football to you party.

2. The setting:

The TV is the main event, so the entire seating arrangements should be centered around that. Of course, you will have the die-hard fans who are glued to the screen, and the less enthusiastic guests who don’t have a preference when to comes to a seat, so make sure you have a few different seating arrangements made to accommodate all.

3. The menu:

This mainly depends on if you will be serving dinner or not. Whatever the case may be,  be ready for some constant snaking and snacking, whether between halves, goals or prolonged game pausing (this has been known to happen this tournament!). Prepare the usual party favors, chips, dips, olives, nuts… the whole nine yards! Brownie points for World Cup themed serving dishes.

4. The drinks:
It’s hot in Qatar. Really hot. So, make sure you have plenty of refreshments on hand! The selection mainly depends on your guests – you know what they like to drink, so stock up on that. Don’t forget the ice, and make sure that everything is easily within hand of your guests so you don’t have to keep refilling cups!

5. Remember half time:
Half time is the perfect time to make sure that everything is going as smoothly as possible and as well, to see if anything needs refreshing; the ice, the food and the drinks. It is also time for a quick chat with those die-hard fans who will only speak to you when the ball isn’t being kicked around!

6. Make it fun:

Ask your guests to predict the winning team and number of goals and place all the predictions in a bowl. If possible, present the winner with a small and simple gift at the end of the evening. Wear football t-shirts, play some encouraging music and enjoy your party!

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