Nine Ways to Detox your Home

This article was published on March 4th, 2019

There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than a juice diet and clean eating. Health starts at home, so here are nine ways to detox your home.

1. Stop using air fresheners:
Air fresheners have a number of chemicals that you want to avoid when detoxing. Instead, switch to a candle or some incense to add some natural scents to your home.

2. Invest in plants:

Not only will they help purify the air you breath, but they will also instantly brighten up the room!

3. Try non-toxic cleaning products:
They might cost a little extra, but are worth the splurge!

4. Read the labels:

Processed foods are filled with artificial flavors, food coloring and flavor enhancers. Make sure you read the labels and try to avoid these foods completely!

5. Better year, clean out your pantry/fridge:
Start fresh and clean out the pantry and fridge! Stock up on healthy food and juices to start detoxing the right way. Expert Tip: Clean the fridge handle!

6. Use your windows:

In Qatar, the weather doesn’t always permit to window usage. However, when possible, try and open up the windows for some natural ventilation.

7. Clean regularly:

Cleaning as you go will keep your house spotless and tidy, and makes it feel even more like home.

8. Eliminate clutter:
Eliminating clutter is for your own peace of mind which goes hand in hand with detoxing. Think of your wires and electronics and how you can manage them better.

9. Deep clean your mattress:

We’re going to assume that as an adult you change your sheets regularly, but your mattress also needs care. Deep cleaning your mattress is a must when detoxing your home!

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