Meet our Outstanding Agent for November – Hanna Hassan from Alemadi Enterprises

Congratulations to Hanna for being chosen as November’s Outstanding Agent!

Hanna has been in the Qatar real estate industry for a decade, and has lengthy experience in the market. Her great relationships with clients, owners, co-workers and other real estate agents in the market has helped her succeed, and has resulted in great feedback and repeat business for her. Hanna describes herself as a great listener, and consequently, understands exactly what her client’s needs are, so she can help them find the perfect home.

Q&A with Hanna :

1. What is the one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from others?
One thing that would differentiate me is that I believe I am a good listener and have great communication skills. I am also patient, which is needed in our industry. I have been in this market for almost 10 years now, and it has taught me how to deal with both clients and owners, as well as other real estate agents working in the field. It has been a vital part of my life, and I love helping my clients find what it is they are looking for in a home.

2. How has Property Finder helped your company succeed in the market?
Property Finder is a great asset to us, because it’s easy-to-use technology helps us in showcasing our properties and to easily reach our clients.

3. Finish the sentence: I love Qatar because…
I was born here and I have seen the amazing growth Qatar has undergone. It’s my home.

Congratulations once again to Hanna!