Nursery Design Do’s and Don’ts

Your little ones deserve a stylish space as well – here’s what you should consider:


Choose a Theme:

While you may think that this is not necessary, it will make it easier for you to create a more unified design across the room.

Choose Colors:
Think of the perfect color scheme before planning your design. And yes, you can venture beyond blue and pink!

Fabrics Before Paint:
It’ll be easier for you to match your curtains or rugs to the wide array of colors available, so choose your fabric style before the color.

Decorate the Ceiling:
Not only will it add a lot to the overall design of the room, but it will also give your baby something to enjoy when on its back!

Create Storage:

There are a lot of things that you will need for the baby, so think about ways to create storage in addition to closets and drawers.


Forget your Windows:
While you may think that this point is related to style, it is actually to shield the baby from the sun. It will also make it easier for the baby to sleep during the day when the room is darker.

Use Too Many Lights:
If you’re using a ceiling light, then make sure it comes with a dimmer; otherwise, a small lamp is your best option.

Forget the Nightlight:

Yes, they are an important asset to any nursery, but they are also very good style additions to the room.

Wait Until the Last Minute:
Make sure you start as early as possible, to ensure that everything will be ready once the baby arrives. It also gives you enough time to air out the room.

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