Meet our Outstanding Agent for October – Ibtihal Hagui from Global Business Center

Congratulations to Ibtihal for being chosen as October’s Outstanding Agent!

Ibtihal has had great success with Global Business Center, and credits her understanding of customer’s needs and knowledge of the market for that success. She also understands the importance of communicating with both the owners and the customers, and the different ways that they should be approached, in order to close that deal!

Q&A with Ibtihal:
1. What is the one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from others?
Being persuasive, a good listener and paying attention to small details has given me a greater ability to better understand customers’ needs, whether they are companies or individuals. Translating the customers’ needs into reality in just the way they have imagined with a high level of professionalism is also a very important aspect. I always try my best to exceed my clients expectations.

2. How has Property Finder helped your company succeed in the market?
The wide data base and reach of Property Finder is enough to help any business. In addition, the user-friendly website has made it easier for us to access end-users as well. I would also like to highlight the high level of customer service that Property Finder provides, and the support they give to ensure that our goals are achieved.

3. Finish the Sentence: I love Qatar because…
It has brought out the best out of me and made me a better person!

Congratulations once again to Ibtihal!

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