Ways to Prepare Your Home For Summer

We’ve all enjoyed the cooler months in Qatar over the past six months, be it the outdoor activities, al fresco dining or trips to the desert. But we all also know what’s coming up: the dreaded summer heat. That’s right. Temperatures of 40+, long humid days and that indoor lifestyle is on the way. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your home is ready for summer.

1. Clean Out Those AC Vents

Air conditioner is a top priority in all of our homes, so to ensure that it’s running correctly, take some time and clean them out. Whether it’s a central or split unit AC, cleaning the filters will make them run smoother.

2 Asses Your Curtains

The summer sun is very powerful. And it also plays a major role in heating up the home. Make sure your dark blinds and blackout curtains (if available) are in good condition and are ready to be used. Remember, use those curtains during the day to try and keep heat out!

3 Check Your Dryer

If the vents in your clothing dryer are blocked, then they will make the tenor Ute go up even more in your home. Clean those out and you’ll instantly notice that the temperature around that appliance will not rise as it usually does

4 Check Your Lightbulbs
Traditional lightbulbs also add heat to the room. Making the switch to energy efficient bulbs will not only help in avoiding over heating to the room, but will also help in your electric bill!

5 Pull Out The Insect Repellent
Insects enjoy the summer heat, and will soon be making their appearance. Make sure your home is well prepared to fight off mosquitos and other insects by using a repellent.

6 Remove Outdoor Furniture

If you have an outdoor area, make sure you remove and pack up any furniture that you won’t be using for the next few months. The heat and humidity will affect your outdoor furniture, so make sure they are removed so you can persevere and reuse them.

7 Clean Your Carpets

Carpets and rugs retain moisture which makes the house even more humid. Make sure you clean them and dry them completely, as to not add to the humid atmosphere.

8 Put Plants in One Room
If you’re a plant lover with many plants across the homes, try and keep them all in one room during the summer months. Plants release moist vapor in the air, and can heighten humidity levels at home.

9 Clean Out Your Fridge Coils
Refrigerators actually use a high amount of energy when they’re not running proper. Cleaning out the coils and cleaning the fridge is one way that you can help reduce the energy used.

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