Preparing your children for the return to school

This article was published on August 25th, 2020


The return of children to school is causing quite a debate in Qatar these days, especially considering that many are still somewhat apprehensive about sending their children back to school with the risks of COVID19. Whether you’re considering bended learning, a combination of online learning and onsite learning, here are some ways that you can prepare for the return of children to school.

*For the child(ren):
– Talk to your child about the fact that the virus is still there, and that we still have to be careful and careful when going to school.
– Ask them about their concerns and answer any questions they may have about the return to school and listen to their thoughts.
– Remind them about the importance of hygiene – washing their hands, sanitizing, staying clean, etc.…
– Talk to them about the importance of physical distancing, and that it could help minimize any risk of contracting the virus

– Highlight the importance of listening to their teachers and supervisors, and that they need to follow instructions.
– If masks are to be worn at school, ensure that your child is able to wear them for long periods of time safely, and that they understand that this is a requirement
– Remind them that school is a fun and safe place, where they will be spending their days with their friends!

*For the parents:
– Have a chat with the school and the teachers regarding the safety measures that are in place, and which processes are set for different scenarios that could occur.

– Before school starts, take a walkthrough around the school to learn more about the safety measures that have been placed, and to ensure that you are satisfied with them
– Remember, this is a stressful time for you as well! Try and stay calm and thoroughly think over your decision. There is no right or no answer, only what you feel comfortable with for your child!

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