Simple Design Mistakes to Avoid

We all want our homes to look as beautiful as they possibly can, be it through the furniture, accessories or overall décor of the space. Here are a few things to avoid when decorating your home.

Avoid pushing all your furniture against the walls: 
Because it creates a sense of nothingness in the middle of the room, it actually makes it look smaller. Instead, try grouping your furniture in strategic settings across the room.

Avoid the three piece couch set:

What was once a staple in every living room has now become outdated. Try mixing and matching fabrics or styles for your couch, which can also help you create more seats as well.

Avoid being too matchy:

Anything that’s too matchy will make your décor look very unnatural. Go for bold fabrics and play with colors to break mundane pieces.

Be smart when choosing art: 
Don’t choose art because it matches your furniture. Choose art because you like the way it looks.

Make sure you try out paint colors:

before committing to a color, make sure you try it out first! You never know how it the color will look like with the rest of your décor, and at different times of the day.

Don’t over crowd: 
Take a look at the space at hand and really think about how much stuff you can fit in there. And remember, design is a personal choice – stick to yours!

Make sure your furniture is proportional: 
You don’t have to have same size everything at home, but make sure that whatever you choose is within an appropriate proportion of everything else.

Don’t forget the details:

Remember, details are everything – so pay attention and get it right!

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