Six Signs You Have a Great Real Estate Agent

It’s always a plus to have a real estate agent on your side when looking for a property for sale or property for rent in Qatar. But picking a real estate agent isn’t always an easy feat. Here are six signs that your real estate agent knows what you’re looking for.

1. They give out a positive vibe:

You don’t necessarily have to become friends with your real estate agent, but you should be able to spend some time and have conversations with them. In order   to make your process easier and smooth, the relationship needs to be a positive one. If you feel like you and the agent are not a good fit, you will more likely make a quick and haste decision when it comes to your new home, so a change could be the best option for you.

2. They’re responsive:

Real estate agents know that they should be available to the consumer. Of course, within limitations of reason. But, they should return your phone call should they miss one, and respond to your queries. If you feel like your agent is not being responsive and is slow to respond to your concerns, then you might want to reconsider. A good agent knows how important a real estate transaction is, and will always have the client as a priority.

3. They give out suggestions and comments:
We understand that you might, more often than not, be the one showing interest in one or two properties to the agent (most likely, thanks to propertyfinder), but the agent should also be able to make suggestions as to where they believe you’ll find a good fitting home for you. Suggestions to size, price and location are also important, and it’s very important that the agent knows the area and all it has to offer before making that suggestion.

4. They ask questions:
Before even showing you a property, a serious real estate agent will ask you a series of questions. What are you looking for in a home, how much are you willing to pay rent, are there any children or pets in the home… Is there a specific location that you need to be in? All these questions should be asked by the agent in order to determine your needs and what it is you’re looking for.

5. They’re honest:
One of the most important characteristic of a real estate agent is being ethical and honest with you. You might not always like what they have to say, but a good real estate agent will tell you the truth, even if it might cost them a deal or some money. A great real estate agent will make sure that they put your needs ahead of ‘just making a sale’ every time!

6. They have good relationships:

A good real estate agent will have good relationships with landlords, property owners, etc.… these relationships are most likely a result of great networking and a lot of hard work, which speak volumes to the character of your agent. Be aware of agents who brush off industry colleagues and are not too friendly with the people they work with.

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