Staying Fit and Healthy in Ramadan

Overeating and indulging in Ramadan is a normality for many, but staying healthy is actually easier than many think. Here a few tips to keep you fit and healthy

Never Skip Sohour:
Sohour is just as important as breakfast! Never skip the pre-dawn meal as it helps you fuel for the day ahead.

Add Fruits and Vegetable To Your Diet:

Try and add some fruits and vegetables not only to your iftar, but also as a snack during the night. Replace the usual pastries and Ramadan desserts with this healthier option.

Bring On The Soup:
Making soup a regular item on your menu is one of the best things you can do. It’s easy on the stomach and provide you with nutrients and vitamins. Luckily soups are easy to make and come in every flavor!


You can actually add a medium intensity workout during the day if you’re fasting, just ensure not to overdo it and amend the workout to your physical ability. If you choose to work out after iftar then ensure that you have ample time to digest your food and not to over eat during your meal.

Stay Active:

If hitting the gym is not your thing, try going for a walk, taking a class or even go cycling. There are plenty of things you can do to stay active during this time.

Stay Hydrated:
Staying hydrated in Ramadan is essential not only to help you fast, but to also ensure that your body stays healthy and fit. Avoid caffeinated beverages and overly sweet ones too.

Load Up On Proteins and Fibers:

We tend to go for a lot of carbs and fried foods in Ramadan, but instead we should be reaching for fibers and proteins to keep our diet healthy and balanced, and to also give us energy and keep us feeling full.

Plan and Modify:
Your workout routine should be based on trial and error. Try a few low intensity workouts and then work around them. Add or remove workouts and reps according to your energy levels and stamina. There is nothing wrong with taking it down a notch if needed!

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