Staying stay safe from COVID-19 when in public

This article was published on June 23rd, 2020

While restrictions are slowly easing and life goes back to normal in Qatar, there are a number of things you can do that can keep you safe and protected,

1. Do you really have to leave your house?
While many think that the pandemic is over and life is back to normal, the truth is we still need to be careful. Think about why you’re leaving your house, and if it is 100% necessary.

2. Wear your mask:

Wearing a mask is mandatory in Qatar, although some restrictions have been lifted, like during working out for example. You still need to wear your mask in public. Make sure you adhere to that rule.

4. Activate your Ehteraz app:

Another mandatory step by the government is the activation of the Ehteraz application, which highlights your health status, and warns you if you are in close proximity to any infected individuals. In fact, a number of establishment such as banks, supermarkets and malls have all announced that they require you to show the app before entry.

5. Practice physical distancing:

It’s become the new norm for people to practice physical distancing, so make sure that when you are in public spaces, that you keep a safe distance with others.

6. Discard of your masks and gloves correctly:
Unfortunately, people are not discarding masks and gloves correctly and are throwing them on the floor. This is another way for the virus to spread. Make sure that you bag them and then place them in the garbage. If you do use gloves, make sure that you change them often, as wearing the same gloves multiple times will actually spread the virus as well.

7. Wash your hands:

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, and disinfect them with sanitizers, so that you can kill any germs that might be on your hands.

8. Take it seriously:
The virus is still around, and can easily spread – take it seriously!

Stay safe! 

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