The Best Herbs to Grow for your Home Garden

This article was published on June 3rd, 2018

Farm-to-table and using fresh produce are two very common practices around the world these days, and Qatar is no exception. You may think that growing your own herb garden is overwhelming, but with some patience and TLC, you’ll be using your own herbs in no time. Here are some of our top choices for your herb garden.

1. Basil:

One of the world’s most popular herbs, basil is a great addition to the kitchen, and can be used in a variety of dishes. In addition, it also gives a great scent around the home. Filled with vitamins and nutrients, basil is a very healthy herb! Remember to cut the flower buds as they bloom for best results.

2. Cilantro:
Cilantro is very high in vitamin C and helps with digestive and inflammation issues. It is a great addition to meats and protein and can be used very easily in the kitchen.  Remember to keep your cilantro clean and watch out for parasites that can make themselves at home in your plant.

3. Oregano:

Used in a variety of cuisines in the kitchen, oregano is another herb that can help fight respiratory and digestion issues, as well and skin infections. Oregano roots can actually freeze in the winter time, making it very suitable for our region.

4. Peppermint:
A very popular herb in the region, (how many times have you had black tea with mint?) peppermint is one of the top accompaniments for beverages and is one of the freshest herbs around! Plus, it also looks great when properly cared for. Mint requires a lot of light and is best planted in a container.

5. Parsley:
Tabbouleh anyone? If that’s not reason enough to grow a plant or two of parsley, how about the fact that it helps boost your immune system and fights bad breath! Start planting the parsley indoors, and then move them outside for best results.

6. Rosemary:
A perfect companion for marinating proteins, rosemary is actually a very versatile herb in the kitchen! In addition, the plant itself helps fight insects and has plenty of health-related characteristics such as helping with indigestion and fighting pain. While you can grow rosemary from seeds, you can also grow it from clippings as well.

7. Sage:

One of the regions most used herbs for testing stomach pains and a number of other issues, it also known for its soothing powers. It’s known to calm your nerves and even help with anxiety. In the kitchen, sage is used for creating different sauces and with some meats as well. During the early stages, harvest your sage lightly in order for the plant to keep growing and producing more.

8. Thyme:
Thyme or za’atar is widely used in just about every shape it comes in! When used it in the kitchen, it makes for a great companion to other herbs, and is used in a lot of marinades and sauces. Thyme is also a great source of antioxidants and is great for skin, eyes, hair and nails! Pinch off the tips in the early stages to encourage healthy growth.

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