The Most Instagrammable Areas in Qatar

Do it for the Gram! Qatar is full of Instagram-worthy locations, be it the modern architecture, the artistic scene, or the natural beauty. Here is our round up of the most Instagrammable areas in Qatar.

1. The Museum of Islamic Art:

MIA for short, is one of the most Instgramed places in Qatar, thanks to its stunning interior and exterior design. Additionally, the lush greenery surrounding it makes it a stunning backdrop.

2. Souq Waqif:

The traditional souq offers an authentic glimpse of Qatar, and it’s many colors and styles are often the star of any photo.

3. The Pearl:

The man-made island has all the makings of an Instagram background; from the tall buildings of Porto Arabia to the colorful Qanat Quartier. Other areas such as the beach, the canals and Madina Central are also Instagram-wrothy.

4. Qatar National Library:

Stunning on both the inside and the outside, the Qatar National Library offers stunning architecture and designs, as well as rows and rows of books! Located in Education City, it makes most of Qatar’s sun, thanks to the abundance of windows it includes.

5. Aspire Park:

The green lush park has been an Instagram staple for a few years, and that will never change! It offers a great setting for any photo, and is also a perfect spot for sport enthusiasts as well.

6. Al Hazm Mall:

The Dome and the mosaics at Al Hazm Mall are definitely a sight to see, in addition to the mall being an architectural gem itself. The luxurious mall is filled with different areas that make a perfect addition to an Instagram feed.

7. National Museum of Qatar:

The NMOQ has been designed to resemble a desert rose, with curves after curves after curves. Another genieously designed venue, the NMOQ is a regular Instagram backdrop, and rightly so!

8.Katara Cultural Village:

From the pigeon pillars and the amphitheater, to the views it offers and its stunning architecture, Katara Cultural Village definitely earns a spot as one of the most Instagrammable areas in the country.

9. Lamp Bear at Hamad International Airport:

Taking center stage at the airport, the Lamp Bear is undoubtedly the most photographed item in the airport, and you can easily see why!

10. Sealine Beach:

One of the most popular beaches in Qatar is a stunning stretch of desert that meets the ocean. The natural beauty of the area, coupled with some adrenaline filled activities should have a spot on your feed.

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