Eight Things Good Neighbors Do

This article was published on July 29th, 2018

To have good neighbors, you need to be a good neighbor yourself. Whether in apartments in Qatar or compounds, your neighbors could essentially become your friends. Read on for eight things good neighbors always do.

1. They make contact:
If you are a building vet or a newcomer, you should always make contact with your direct neighbor. Yes, it could be difficult to make friends with all tenants in your compound or tower, but being on a first name basis with your next-door neighbor is something that is easily accomplished.

2. They control noise:

Keeping music or noise levels down by 10 pm on weekdays and midnight during the weekend is the best rule to follow. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and should you be hosting an event that you expect will last longer, then informing you neighbors is the best option you have.

3. They’re mindful of their pets:

Does the dog park all day? Is the parrot making too much noise? Reach out to your neighbors and explain to them that you are still trying to get your pets settled into a new home (should that be the case). Remember, this also extends to the shared surroundings of the accommodation. So always pick up after your pets, and ensure that you keep dogs on a leash at all times.

4. They respect the rules:

A lot of areas in the buildings and compounds in Qatar are shared and are for common use. This means that you have to respect the area and that your neighbors should also do the same.

5. They let the management handle disputes:
If your neighbor is not being the easiest to deal with or even doing something bothersome (parking in your spot, not removing trash, etc.…) you should allow your property manager or landlord to solve the issue, instead of facing them directly. This will minimize confrontation, and will make the situation less awkward between neighbors in the future.

6. They’re mindful of their own issues:
Have a baby? A puppy? Reach out to your direct neighbors and let them know your situation, and apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

7. They’re friendly:

When passing someone in the hallways, or bumping into someone in the elevator, you should always say hello. We know that you don’t want to have a long conversation, but exchanging pleasantries is always encouraged.

8. They respect the dumpster:
Trash areas are public areas, and one of the most important ones at that. Good neighbors respect the rules of the trash room, and dispose of their garbage in a responsible and hygienic manner.

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