7 Ways to Involve Your Children in Ramadan

Ramadan is all about family time and creating bonds, so it’s essential to involve your children throughout the month and come up with ways to involve them in the activities that take place in the household and around Qatar.

1. Make a Calendar:

Throughout Ramadan, round up the family and create a weekly calendar that lists what activities are taking place during that day. You can even make a menu for each day, with favorite foods and dishes as well. Decorate it with the kids and make it a personal fete.

2. Set Goals:
Setting goals for Ramadan is another way you can involve your children in the activities. Goals can range from going for a walk twice a week, volunteering, or even household chores. Set them with your children, and asses the progress along the way

3. Make them part of the daily preparations:
Preparing a meal and the home, especially when company is invited, can take a lot of time and effort. Assigning age-appropriate tasks for the children will keep them busy, and actually help you get things done!

4. Create Stories:

Each year, make your own Ramadan story with your children. It can be a story board of the activities taking place around town, or their journey throughout the month. Whatever it may be, it’s a personal memory that makes a great keepsake!

5. Make a Good Deed Hat:
Ramadan is all about giving back – create a number of good deeds and place them in a hat. Set days throughout the week where you pull deeds from the hat and commit to making them happen. This way, you’ll add excitement to the idea of volunteering and also teach your children about the essence of Ramadan.

6. Make Time for Family:

Ask your kids what they would like to do this Ramadan, and how they want to spend it! Set aside time for family and family-friendly activities. There are a number of events that are going on during Ramadan in Qatar that are perfect for the entire family.

7. Make a To-Do-List:
Each week, create a list of things that you want to do, that you can also add to the calendar. This can be things around the house, people you need to visit, grocery trips, etc… anything that children can help you with and participate in.

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