Why you should use a business centre when establishing your future business, by Ibtihel Hagui General Manager Global Business Center

Ibtihel Hagui
General Manager
Global Business Center

A business centre is the first partner for any enterprise’s success or for investors looking for success in the Qatari market. This is mainly due to the fact that business centres have all elements to attract investment and capital from all over the world. They offer a convenient and comfortable environment to achieve investor goals and aspirations by offering all kinds of services, including furnished and equipped offices, secretarial and communication services, saving companies time and effort, whereby they can start their business without hardship.

Often, clients ask why they should choose to rent in a business centre when establishing a company. This is how the idea of business centres was born – in response to the economic renaissance witnessed by the country, as well as the high volume of foreign investments, which play a major role in supporting various investment efforts in Qatar, as well as committing to the framework of the strategy of economic diversification and sustainable development. 

A business centre can help you achieve your goal and is, in turn, happy to become a partner in your success through:

– Office services at reasonable prices

– Furnished offices equipped with various IT solutions

– Highly experienced reception staff

– Flexible rental terms (daily/monthly/yearly)

– Clearance and PRO services

– Hospitality services

– Mailbox services

In a business centre, your company is surrounded by other businesses, which instantly creates an environment where all companies can mutually benefit from each other, consequently supporting and developing Qatar’s economy. This is based on economic figures of previous years, some of the highest we have seen, which have, in turn, reflected in investment in infrastructure and projects related to the 2022 World Cup and Qatar National Vision 2030. 

A business centre provides companies, both foreign and local, with an atmosphere of support and opens the door for networking and future business opportunities in the Qatar market.

The high number and diversity of companies throughout our business centres is an advantage to any company as it offers the possibility of creating strategic business relationships, which emerging and start-up companies need and rely on for success.