Ezdan Real Estate

Ezdan Real Estate

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المكتب الرئيسي:West Bay, EZDAN Towers Tower 1, 1st Floor P.O. Box: 30503 Doha, Qatar

Ezdan Holding Group has established, throughout its journey of more than 55 years, a household name in the world of business and finance. The Group was founded in 1960, and earned acclaimed reputation locally, regionally and globally.

It is meaningfully clear to anyone that the Group's success is manifested through a myriad of distinguished awards in the real estate sector, enabling the Group to be one of the most prestigious companies in the region.

Ezdan Holding Group owns more than 20,000 residential units that are managed by Ezdan Real Estate. In addition, to the Ezdan Hotels and Suites in West Bay that are managed by Ezdan Hotels.

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