7 Ways to Prepare for Ramadan

This article was published on April 29th, 2019


With the Holy Month of Ramadan a few days away, those who are fasting should start planning for the upcoming month, as it will make it much easier for you to transition into the routine of Ramadan. Read on

1. Consider your food consumption:

Star with moderate eating, and try to cut down on larger and heavier meals. It will make you feel more lethargic and will actually make it harder for you to fast.

2. Eat Healthy:
You should start eating healthier meals, and really look into the type of food you’re eating. Ramadan isn’t about stuffing yourself with food – on the contrary, it’s all about eating food that is good for you and for your body in a healthy, moderate manner.

3 Create a plan:
Be it creating a schedule for work, working out or even entertaining family and friends, it’s best to create a plan for the upcoming holy month. This will keep you focused and you can get more accomplished once you stick to your plan.

4. Plan for healthy iftar meals:

Let’s face it, most of us spend the day dreaming of a lavish spread of food, but that isn’t the reality of our meals. Think of a list of healthy and light Iftar meals that you can enjoy throughout the month. This will make it easier for you to follow a healthy and moderate plan for food preparations.

5. Cut down on coffee:

For coffee lovers, the cut of caffeine can be quite problematic, especially in the first few days. Try reducing your intake or switching to decaf immediately, and you’ll see positive results when Ramadan starts.

6. Modify your sleep routines:

Our sleeping routines in Ramadan change drastically. While each person has a different routine, but whatever sleeping habit you have in Ramadan, start mimicking it from now.

7. Start having an early breakfast:
Waking up for Sohour means that you will be having a super early meal, which is much needed when you don’t eat for the entire day. Start having an early breakfast so your body can get used to food this early.

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