9 things you can do at home while “social distancing”

This article was published on March 24th, 2020

9 things you can do at home during “social distancing” in Qatar

1. Read that book that’s been on your shelf for years….

Dust off those books and get your read on! This is the perfect time for you to take some time and catch up on some reading.

2. Spring clean!
Now that you have some time on your hands, get an early start on your spring cleaning. Click here for more information on areas at home you always forget to clean, but shouldn’t!

3. Have a closet clean out
If you’re anything like us, cleaning out and arranging your closet will give you a sense of calm and ease. This is the perfect time to get organized, and rearrange your closet.

4. Unleash your creativity
Artist? Writer? Musician? Hone your talent this time, and you’ll surely be proud of the result.

5. Stay in touch with family and friends
Social distancing is being highly implemented these days, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep in touch with your family and friends. Thankfully, social media and technology has made it easy to stay in touch!

6. Learn a new recipe (or five!)

Cooking for yourself is actually very gratifying! Learn a recipe or two, and spend some time in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces!

7. Learn a new skill
There are so many tutorials on line that you can tune into that will help you learn a new skill. A new language, an instrument that you already have at home, arts and crafts… all this is available online from the safety of you home.

8. Have a movie/show marathon

Start a new series, watch a movie trilogy, or round up your favorite films and TV shows and curl up on the couch with a fresh bowl of popcorn!

9. Do nothing…. and actually relax
Life is fast and rarely do we take the chance to just sit and relax. Take this time to relax and rest… A positive outlook is a very important one at this time, and currently, we could all use some positivity.

Stay safe, and stay home.

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