What Clients Expect from Real Estate Agent

There are certain expectations that clients look for when looking for properties for rent in Qatar and dealing with a real estate agent that go beyond honesty, transparency and knowing that they’re getting the best price! Here are some of things that consumers look for.


Do you know the area? The market conditions? Most agents get one shot at closing the deal, so make sure you are well armed with the knowledge of the property, the area and can answer the clients’ questions easily. Insider tip: learn about the traffic in the area, as well as timings of rush hour, as many clients will want to factor that information in!

Availability and Follow Up:

Clients want agents to answer the phone, call them back and follow up! End users often complain that agents do not pick up the phone or communicate quickly enough with the client, which could cost you the deal. Don’t be that agent – answer the phone and follow up with your clients within the day.

Negotiation Skills:

End users want to feel at ease knowing that you are working together to help them get the best possible deal and some might also want you to negotiate prices with landlords and property owners on their behalf. Remember, if they are happy with your service, clients will definitely recommend you to other end users; and in such a small market, this is extremely important!

Quality Listings:
When it comes to your listings, end users want to see detailed, high-quality photos and precise information about the property. Make sure your listings are up-to-date and accurate for the best results!

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