Community life and sustainability, by: Susana Garcia del Toro Real Estate Director – Les Roses Real Estate

by: Susana Garcia del Toro
Real Estate Director – Les Roses Real Estate
Sustainability Ambassador – Tadmur Holding


If you are looking for a new place to live or perhaps renting a new office, you have arrived at the best time.

Qatar’s real estate market has developed at a remarkable pace in the last two decades. Nowadays, tenants enjoy the privilege of having a wide array of choices at hand. With recent rate adjustments, even relocation has become a trend in both residential and commercial markets, which is producing regular turnover across Doha.

Despite the benefits of a vast selection, unfortunately while browsing online for available properties, you may only acquire basic data such as location, size, rate and some visuals of the property advertised. Furthermore, while engaging with agents, real estate companies and friends, additional information is collected and your selection criteria begins to shape up.

Nevertheless, in my view, the most important information is not always available unless you specifically ask for it; this refers to the quality of life in the properties shortlisted. Tenants expect basic handouts according to the brand reputation of the real estate portfolio. However, professional facilities and property management are becoming an exclusive commodity of selected properties only. It is fundamental to enquire about the extent of the services you will receive as well as what is included within your potential contractual rate.

This flourishing market has yet greater gems to offer: Increasing standards of community life and a wide growth for sustainable practices. You will find exclusive landlords who have pioneered to provide engineering sports, fitness and sustainable activities, free of charge and for all members of the family. Such initiatives are bringing communities closer together. As expats who live away from our home countries, communities are even more valuable, where neighbours turn into friends and a house becomes a home.

For example, aligned with the Qatar 2030 vision, we have developed a range of sustainable trainings and workshops for children plus an exclusive Sustainable Animal Welfare Programme to educate them on how to deal with house pets, stray animals, etc. In this direction, questions such as pets and stray animals handling methods in the compound would make a difference in fulfilling your expectations in the future. Whether you are an animal lover or not, you would like to know if TNR (Trap Neuter and Return) programmes are implemented, how often it happens and how it is financed. The difference on the approach to this subject in the market is immense. So is the  outcome.

These in-depth assessments similarly apply to the commercial market. LEED, GSAS certified properties are available in the market, enabling companies that are committed to sustainability to fulfill their CSR goals.

Environment friendly practices within an organisation or property are not always visible at first glance, but if you value this approach and would like your company or family to grow in this environment, then ask if the property offers it.

Taking all of the above into account, I highly recommend house hunters to get ready with these set of questions while visiting their pre-selected properties; it may help to take their ultimate decision based on the real value that fits each individual priority.