Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Activities

This article was published on December 26th, 2018

There is something very special when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve with your children. Here are a few activities to make your family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration a night to remember.

1. Countdown goodie bags:

Create a goodie bag for every hour of the night for the kids to open. These can have anything from candy to snacks to coloring books and games, depending on the budget and age group.

2. New Year’s resolutions:

Create a New Year’s resolutions board where everyone can add their own ideas, and save space for a family New Year’s resolution that you can all come up together throughout the night.

3. Make special drinks:

Think elevated milk shakes or hot chocolate! The kids will love having a beverage bar where they can make their own drinks to toast the new year with.

4. Create a countdown:
If your kids are old enough to actually stay up a little longer than usual, you can have special balloons or a countdown to ring in the new year together. If your children are younger, you can have your own countdown earlier in the evening.

5. Smash piñatas:

Piñatas are loved by both children and adults, so adding one to your evening will make it that much more fun.

6. Have a dance contest:
Pump up the music and create a small dance competition between family members. To spice it up even more, you can also give the first-place winner a prize!

7. Decorate cookies:

Make space in the kitchen and get ready for the mess! Not only will you have cookies to take you into the new year, but you can also unleash the creativity of your kids.

8. Set up a photo booth:

This doesn’t have to be a fancy fete; you can use items you already have to set up a photo booth, and snap away pictures during the evening. Bonus: You can create photo albums and make it a new year’s eve tradition!

9. Play games:
Just like any family friendly evenings, games play a major role in the evening! You have your choice from a number of games, board games, charades, card games… depending on the age group, there are a number of games to choose from.

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