Five ways your business can benefit from call tracking

As a real estate agent, we fully understand that your days are usually jam packed with meetings and viewings, and that you have a very busy schedule. This is where call tracking comes in. Here are five ways your business will benefit from call tracking.

1. Quality control:
By tracking the calls, you can also track the quality of the conversations that your agents are having with clients.

2. Training:
Monitoring these calls also allows you to use them for training. Showing good vs bad examples is a great way to highlight to your agents what they are doing correctly, and what needs improvement

3. Keep track of leads:
Anytime a call is missed, an SMS alert is sent to the agent, which means that no lead will remain unanswered!

4. Return on investment:
The data that is associated with call tracking can help you monitor and gauge the ROI from your advertising spend.

5. Understanding customer behavior:
Having access to calls from our website will help you understand and analyze the behavior of your clients and what they are searching for.