How to use the Property Finder website like a pro

This article was published on July 14th, 2020 is the ultimate resource for finding properties for rent and sale in Qatar. It’s easy to use, and convenient for anyone searching for units. Here is our team’s advice on how to navigate the site like a pro:

Afaf Hashim, Country Manager:  
“For users who have an idea as to where they’d like to view properties, narrow down your search as much as possible. For example, instead of just adding The Pearl, you can add, Viva Bahriya, The Pearl. This will generate the best possible results for you to view.”

Khaled Chahal, Senior Business Development Manager:
“On the search bar, you can select the minimum and maximum price of the property you are searching for. This will help you in filtering out properties that are within your price range, and make your search easier.”

Imad Ibrahim, Business Development Manager:

“One of the most important things you can do is select the type of property you are looking for, from the drop down menu on the left side, just under the location bar. Specify villa, apartment, studio, penthouse, etc.… and you’ll immediately get a list of properties that are just what you need.”

Linn Deman, Senior Account Manager:

“Adding the number of bedrooms will generate a list of units that match your search exactly, whether you’re searching for a one, two or three bedroom units. This way, you can view the homes that match your search criteria.”

Sharon Miller, Client Trainer:
“Adding the specific amenities, such as pool, gym, balcony, is an excellent way for you to make your search more precise. Entering these key words will generate a list of properties that include these amenities for you to view. Don’t forget to add furnished and partly furnished as well!”

Sara Assad, Marketing Manager:

“If you’d like to view all the properties from one agent, you can visit the Find An Agent section, which lists all the agents that work with Property Finder, and view their properties.”

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