Let’s Talk Villas: Homes for under QAR 10,000 a month

When moving to Qatar with a family, residents tend to look for villas for rent, as these homes offer more space for the kids to run around, (and as well for the parents to hide out for a few minutes!). The number of bedrooms, private yard or garden is an added plus for any family. And while you may think that living in a villa will cost an arm and a leg, here are a few areas that offer villas for rent for under QAR 10,000 a month, both in Doha and beyond.

Let’s start with Al Wakra, which is already known to offer budget-friendly housing. There, you will be able to find a number of villas for a very reasonable price. And what’s even better, some of these villas include four bedrooms, which is perfect for anyone looking for extra space. With that said, take a look at the villas for rent in Ezdan Village Al Wakra, which are some of the most popular homes in the city.

Al Khor is another area that is located beyond the city limits of Doha, which naturally means that rent is more economical. Just like Al Wakra, villas available for rent in Al Khor are spacious and range between three and four bedrooms. While some are located in compounds, there are some standalone villas on offer as well.

When it comes to Doha, there are a few areas for you to consider when looking to rent a villa on a budget. Al Duhail is one area that offers villas for rent under QAR 10,000 as well as Al Gharrafa. Both of these areas are considered to be central in the city of Doha, and offer easy access to points of interest in the city.
Two more areas are Ain Khaled and Old Airport road, which also offer spacious homes perfect for families. Schools, malls and other outlets are located in both of these neighborhoods, making life easier and more

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