Property Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Using quality photos in your listings makes all the difference! Did you know that most users will not even consider looking at a home when the property photos are not of good quality? Your photos play a vital part in getting you more leads, so check out our listing photo do’s and don’ts below:

1. Do: Stage each room:

If you’re planning on showing the room, then stage it. This means that each room needs to come to life before you place it online. This will grab the user’s interest and will make it easier for them to envision themselves in that unit.

2. Don’t: Show a mess:
One of the most important (and usually overlooked) don’t is capturing a mess! No matter what you do, make sure you clean up before taking photos of any messy or cluttered areas.

3. Do: Show the view:

One great thing you can show in your property photos is the view! So many areas in Qatar offer great views, so that is a definite plus!

4. Don’t: Use screenshots:
Make sure you stay away from screenshots! They are not acceptable in any situation and should never be used. Before you publish a listing, make sure you have the right photos ready to be published.

5. Do: Remember lighting:
One of the worst things you can do to a property is not show it in the proper light. No matter how appealing a unit may be, if you capture a dark room or a room with bad light, it will automatically reduce its appeal.

6. Don’t: Photograph the ordinary:
Yes, you need to have general photos of the property, but think of what makes it stand out and focus on those elements. Be it the design, the outdoor space, the location… Whatever makes it extraordinary is what should be your main focus.

7. Do: Use a tripod:

If possible, use a tripod to capture shots. Not only will the photos be steadier and sharper, but it will help you get great angles as well.

8. Don’t: Take crooked pictures:
We cannot stress just how important these photos are for your listings, so taking photos that are crooked or bent is another big no- no! Straight and sharp photos is the best way to go!