Aymen Gharbi
Founder and Managing Director
Step In Property

Being a real estate broker is not for everyone.

“I want to earn more, i want to challenge myself, and i want to reach my target”

These are the very few lines most new joiners in the real estate business say, but is it really what keeps us staying and motivates us to move and close more deals? We can say that being professional is what keeps us aligned and engaged with our clients and the company we are representing but how can we say we are truly professional? Is it by how we dress up? By how we talk or how we move? A part of our professionalism is mirrored in the external features but what makes us real professionals is the way we deliver the real and honest reality of this business. Being a real estate agent is not just delivering the good and flowery features of your properties, but being able to deliver the honesty and reality of it to your clients.

A true real estate agent embodies honesty, integrity, and transparency. Real Estate Agents are more than salespeople, in our business, building trust in the process is very vital as it is the bridge that links us to our clients. Fancy properties and amazing facilities might sparkle our clients’ eyes but proper engagement and transparency are what keeps our client linked with us.

Another thing that we should keep in mind to establish and maintain professionalism in the Real Estate business is by improving more on our work ethics. Work Ethics are a set of principles we follow in order for us to bring out the best in our job performances. Of course, every company has its own set of principles to follow, but everything should start in itself. You yourself should know how to act, dress, and speak accordingly. Over the years of being in the business, I have learned to practice and focus on these 3 ethics I still maintain every single day and I think can help you effectively in Real Estate, Discipline, Productivity, and Responsibility.


• Discipline shows determination and commitment to your field. Whether it’s time, resources, and work management, you have to maintain discipline in every area so as a whole, it will definitely work out properly.


• A strong work ethic translates to outstanding productivity. Mostly us, we cannot deny the commission scheme we have in this business and we cannot hide that a big part of closing deals is being productive enough to update, engage and manage our clients.


• A strong work ethic requires a keen responsibility. Those who are ethical and responsible hold themselves accountable for their actions. They will accept the blame for errors they’ve contributed to proactively work to fix those issues.

This article was published as part of the eighth edition of Property Finder Qatar’s Trends Report.