Reasons NOT to Renew Your Lease

This article was published on January 22nd, 2020

There are times when you should renew your rental, and there are times where you should just set your eyes on a new property. Here are a few reasons not to renew your lease.

Rising rents:
Rental increases are normal, but within reason and as well, with ample advance notice. So, if the owner or landlord raises the price drastically without giving you any advance notice, it’s time to move along to something new.

Life changes:

Change is inevitable in life, so when this happens, a lot of people begin looking for a new place to call home. Marriage, babies, work changes and even pets, are almost always cause for changing a home. Real estate is all about change, which mirrors the changes and developments happening in our lives.

Issues with your landlord/owner:

We’d all like to be on good terms with landlords and owners of the rental units we’re in, but that’s not always the case. The major issue is usually maintenance– where the landlord is not at all supportive of fixing anything that needs to be sorted in the apartment. This is usually a deal breaker.

Leaving makes more sense:

Maybe it’s closer to work, or maybe you need a change of scenery, or you’ve even gotten a great deal that’s too hard to pass on. Sometimes, leaving a home is the step that actually makes more sense to you and where you are in life.

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