Short, Medium and Long-Haul Getaway Locations from Qatar this Winter

This article was published on December 5th, 2018

Are you planning your winter break vacation from Qatar? Luckily, you have a number of countries that you can visit based on the length of your holiday and your time off. Here are a few suggestions for short, medium and long-haul trips that you can take.

Short Haul: (3 hours and less):
1. Oman:

Oman is a great option for anyone looking for some R&R, and while Muscat, the capital, has become a popular vacation destination, there are a number of other areas in the country that are perfect for a quick getaways, like  Salalah or Jabal Akhdar.

2. Baku, Azerbaijan:

If you can handle the cold, then Azerbaijan is also another option for you. Perfect for sightseeing and exploration, you can easily get swept away by the culture and the history of this country.

3. Amman, Jordan:

The capital of Jordan sometimes gets overshadowed by the ever-popular Dead Sea and Petra, but Amman has a lot to offer from dining and nightlife to sightseeing. Jordan is a great location for travelers as it offers a combination of experiences.

Medium Haul: (3- 6 hours):
1. Lebanon:

The beautiful capital Beirut is the most popular choice when it comes to mouthwatering food, great shopping and a bustling nightlife. But Lebanon also offers great terrain for skiing during the winter. Faraya is a great option for hitting the slopes and enjoying the snow.

2. Cyprus:

Whether it’s the night life or the historic expeditions, Cyprus has a lot to offer! You can enjoy sightseeing, great food and explore ancient Roman sites and museums as well.

3. Sri Lanka:

December is a great time to visit Sri Lanka! While the northern areas are rainy, the southern cities of the country are perfect for a winter getaway. If you’re looking for a beach getaway, then you should definitely consider Sri Lanka.

4. Maldives:

Another great option is the Maldives, which offers great weather during December as well. For those looking to relax and soak the rays, then the Maldives is a perfect choice, especially as you relax in an over-the-water resort.

Long Haul: (6+ hours):
1. Cape Town:

December is actually the start of winter in South Africa, and Cape Town offers visitors both a picturesque beach setting, and historical and sightseeing excursions. There are many things you can do in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, including a safari excursion!

2. Vienna:

Vienna was 2017’s Best City in Europe for a reason! For those are ready to brave the cold weather, you will enjoy sightseeing, festive season markets and historical excursions around one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities

3. Portugal:

Lisbon is a winter wonderland this time of year, and while it does get cold, the temperature are moderate. You can experience one of the many markets in the area, enjoy great food and explore the history and traditions that Lisbon and the surrounding areas have to offer.

4. New York:

Time Square, Central Park and Radio City Music Hall are all staples of the Big Apple, and will only be more appealing coupled with the festive season atmosphere that overtakes New York this time of year.

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