The Best Colors for Every Room in Your Home

This article was published on September 9th, 2018

The colors that you choose for your home are not only important for the overall style of the home, but can also influence the entire mood and atmosphere of the home. There are different colors that suit every room in the house, so read on.

1. Living Room:

Because the living room is usually the center of your home, it needs a neutral color as to not overwhelm the conversations and the activities taking place in that space. Shades of grey or beige work best here, but remember, accessorizing the space goes a long way! Colored pillows, rugs and wall art is a great addition .

2. Bedroom:

The most relaxing room of the home needs a relaxing color. Choose from calming colors like light shades of green and blue, as well as different tones of grey.

3. Bathroom:
It’s not the easiest fete to choose colors for your bathroom. For a spa-like feel, opt for soft blue hues or a light green color. If you are looking for a complementary color, then go for a light rose or red color, which can also be easily modified for different settings.  Remember, you can also accessorize your bathroom as well!

4. Kitchen:

The most popular room in the house needs a warm inviting color! Be it tiles or wall paint, choose from a warm palette of colors such as yellow or a soft orange tone. The addition of these colors alone will make the kitchen more inviting.

5. Entryway: 
Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the entry way of your home, but you shouldn’t! Especially that this area is the first thing that people see when walking into your home. Exciting colors work best here, and you can also choose from bold hues. Use shades of soft reds or teal here for a great first impression!

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