Top Home Décor Trends for 2019

This article was published on January 7th, 2019

Looking to create a whole new look for your home this year? Here are some of the most in-style décor trends for 2019:

Textured wallpaper:

Long gone are the days of plain white walls! This year, it’s all about textured, bold wallpaper, all over your home. Try and use the same wallpaper style for the entire room, to get that edgy affect.

Colorful photographs and art:
Don’t be afraid to add some colorful art to that new wallpaper. A pop of artistic photos will only add to that overall bold look to star the year!

Extravagant linen and velvet bedding:

It’s all about leaning away from the basics this year, and yes, that even means your bedding. Go for bedding with a texture, and some patterns and colors that will give your room that lux look. Bonus points: It even looks great without being ironed!

Colorful kitchens:

If you think your kitchen needs to be minimalistic and simple, think again, because like all the trends of 2019, there’s much more to that look. Think rug, open-style cabinets and colorful walls and accessories for a truly current kitchen.

Metal combos:
Also, another trend that has to do with kitchens, metal combos are all the rage for 2019 looks. While many designs still suggest on using one type of metal in the kitchen, more and more usage of mixed metal is starting to emerge, such as nickel and brass.

Mix and match:
There are one or two main stores in Qatar that most of us tend to run to whenever we need to buy furniture and accessories. But this year, you need to get out of your furniture buying comfort zone and venture out. If you are looking to update your home décor, then do not buy everything from one place, instead, pick limited pieces from different stores for a completely unique look.

Ceiling designs:

The attention to details and embellishment in the 2019 trends with the decorated ceiling theme, with a lot of designs now taking into consideration the overall décor of the ceiling. Wooden beams, paint and wallpaper are just some of the themes that are starting to emerge.

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