Walkable Neighborhoods in Qatar

Not many of us get enough walking time while in Qatar, and while we can blame the weather, that excuse is only valid for a few months during the year. While compounds make walking easier, it’s always nice to find a walking friendly location. Here are a few of Qatar’s most walkable neighborhoods.

The Pearl:

One of the country’s most walking-friendly area, The Pearl offers different areas and various locations for those who enjoy a good walk. Qanat Quartier, Porto Arabia and Medina Centrale are just some of the areas that you can easily enjoy a walk, with some stunning views as well!

Al Waab:
Qatar’s most prominent family friendly location, it’s also good for walking! Al Waab is more of a quiet area and the long and wide roads (and pavements!) make it easier and safe for a walk any time of day!


There are a number of homes around Aspire that also enjoy the same lush surrounding of the park and Sports City, making them perfect for a walk! You also have the option of making your way to Aspire Park if you prefer.

West Bay Lagoon:
As one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Qatar, the surrounding area of the homes in West Bay Lagoon make for excellent walking spots. Those who are lucky enough to live right on the water can also make use of the quiet stretch of beach that they offer as well!

Al Dafna:

There are two sides of West Bay– the business center, and the more suburban and subdued area across from all the towers, which is commonly known as Al Dafna. The latter is perfect for an evening stroll, and you can also still enjoy the city lights!

The Corniche Area:
Undoubtedly Qatar’s go-to choice when it comes to waking, the promenade is built in a way where you can enjoy a walk and catch the view of both West Bay and the MIA. The Corniche also has built-in equipment for those who wish to work up a sweat!

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