Apartments for rent in Fereej Bin Omran

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Apartments for rent in Fereej Bin Omran

When looking to rent properties in Qatar, Doha remains the number one area that residents start their house hunt. As the most populated city in the country, the capital offers a high number of properties for rent, ranging from villas to apartments. While other areas in Qatar are currently been developed and expanded to cater to all the expats that flock to Qatar, Doha remains the hub of the country, with hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities and malls are readily available on every corner.

With preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in full swing, Qatar continues to attract expats from all over the world, especially those who are looking for career development and new opportunities. Apartment rentals in Doha are plenty, and vary when it comes to shapes and sizes; most importantly, price of rent also varies, and as the market tends to lean towards renters, there is an ever increasing number of apartments for rent in Doha. The Qatari Government is making a huge effort to ensure that appropriate housing is available for residents, and that everyone who is choosing to call Qatar home will have a comfortable house to live in while in Qatar.

Fereej bin Omran is a highly active area in Doha, and is well liked by both families and young professionals. This is largely due to the fact that the area offers easy access to all focal points in the city, and is in close proximity to schools, hospitals and malls, which makes it easier for families to get around to all areas of interest. There are a number of malls, restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities in the area, which makes Fereej Bin Omran an excellent choice for those looking for some activities to do in Doha.

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Apartment building in Fereej Bin Omran

Fereej Bin Omran is a very vibrant and lively residential area

Apartments in Fereej Bin Omran are available in all shapes and sizes; starting with studio apartments to the more spacious three bedroom apartment. And while usually the apartments on offer are rented out as fully furnished, you will also be able to find rentals that are unfurnished, leaving you with the freedom to decorate and outfit the house as you see fit. Apartment buildings in Fereej Bin Omran can also include amenities such as a gym or sometimes, even a pool, which many residents look for in Doha, especially as the weather can be appropriate for swimming almost year long.

Apartments for rent in Abu Talha Street, Fereej Bin Omran are a popular option for expats, as the buildings are modern and the apartment units are spacious, which is perfect for anyone who needs the extra space. The price for a two bedroom unit in Abu Talha Street will start at around 7,000 QAR a month, which is a very reasonable amount when looking for rentals in Doha.

A very vibrant and lively area, Fereej Bin Omran is perfect for anyone who is looking to be in the heart of the action, and will also like to find reasonably priced housing options for the duration of their time in Doha.