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UPO Real Estate W.L.L.

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About UPO Real Estate W.L.L.

Head office:P.O Box : 32400, Office #1, First Floor Bldg. #229, Al Hilal, C-Ring Road, Doha-Qatar

UPO Real Estate W.L.L. came into being when a group of professionals after excelling in their respective fields came together to weave an organization wherein the people’s potential would be harnessed to create a philanthropic organization that would be commercially, self-sustainable. This concept has inspired us and become our organizational mission.

Our Services: Real Estate activities such as leasing, renting, selling, maintenance valuations and management of residential as well as commercial properties.

Our Mission: To be the organization wherein the people’s potential would be harnessed to help create a business model that could not only be self-sustainable, delivering high quality of service but also ensure fair and just distribution of economic benefits to all involved in this earnest effort.

Our Vision: To replicate this model as much as possible not only in the field of Real Estate but also other fields where ever possible by being a facilitator in unleashing human power, achieve human empowerment and thus improved quality of life.

Our Core Values: We strive for “Simplicity Honesty and Integrity” in all our thoughts and deeds.

Slogan: Unleashing People’s Power.

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