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Your guide to buying property for sale in Al Daayen

With the metropolitan growth and population increase in the country, Qatar has experienced much progression in recent years. There is a high number of expats arriving to the country, mostly due to Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and also the large number of distinct job opportunities that have been created. With the continuous arrival of numerous expats from all walks of life relocating to Qatar, there has been continuous expansion of other cities, that offer both locals and newcomers a wider array and a bigger chance of finding the right home in more than one city.

Consequently, there was a need to create the municipality of Daayen with the best Urban Planning, in order to cover the needs of housing in the country. It has been set by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, as the seventh municipality to be established in Qatar. Al Daayen comes after the following municipalities of: Doha, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah, Umm Salal, Al Khor, and Al Shamal, all offering a great lifestyle. This development offers a range of accommodation options amongst the properties for sale in Al Daayen, that include various shapes and sizes of villas and apartments.

Living in Al Daayen Properties for sale
Your guide to buying property for sale in Al Daayen

Options in Al Daayen properties for sale

Though one might think of this municipality to be less urban or less developed than other cities of the state, it is in actuality the contrary. This development is well served by all types of services and facilities, for a comprehensive role in both work and living. Within the area there are more than 26 schools of high status and great education level; some being national with teaching expats from across the world and others being Qatari, also of high standards. This makes it very much convenient for families with children to buy Al Daayen property for sale and live nearby schools. It is also convenient for teachers and working professionals to live in this area, close to their jobs.

In addition, there are more than 5 health care facilities within the locality, serving residents and providing peace of mind in case of emergencies as they are easily within proximity. The area is rather a quiet peaceful one, with numerous houses set within calm grounds. Among these dwellings are various luxury villas in Al Dayeen, with grand architectural styles and exquisitely extravagant interiors. They can reach up to six or seven bedrooms at most providing comfortable airy homes for their residents.

Another more humble alternative to these lavish units are the apartments in Al Daayen, which are also available in an array of sizes and styles. They are the modern home of choice in this district and give residents a chance to live in affordable contemporary homes. Also within Al Daayen is 4 or more community centers and malls operating to serve the community residents and more than 86 mosques, near almost every home. Besides the residential property there are also Commercial Properties for sale in Al Daayen, covering every need whether accommodation or housing.