Properties for Sale in Umm Ghuwailina

With such a rapid pace of development taking place in Qatar, the county is quickly becoming a hub for investors from all over the world. Thanks to projects and plans in relation to the county hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there is never a shortage of projects going on in Qatar. With the Qatari Government wanting to encourage foreign ownership and investment, laws have been introduced that allow foreigners to buy property in Qatar in a number of large-scale developments. While areas are limited, it is predicted that more areas will follow. It’s an exciting time to live in Qatar, with the city gearing up to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There have been a slew of investments in infrastructure and housing and if you’re looking to invest in real estate, now is a great time. It also worth noting that you are entitled to apply for a homeowner’s residence permit, which is valid for five years and allows the owner and their immediate family to live in Qatar.

Doha and its districts remain the most highly populated neighborhoods in the country, and one of those areas is Umm Ghuwailina. There are a number of different schools in the area as well, which a convenience for many with children who are attending schools, as most families choose the location of their housing based on the location of the schools. Noted for being a more authentic and aged part in Doha, Umm Ghuwailina offers affordable housing that is also of good quality. The area is also considered to be a very central location in Doha and offers easy access to all focal points in the city. There are also a number of different malls and shops in Umm Ghuwailina, as well as leisure and entertainment facilities.

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Buying Property in Qatar Grants You Immediate Residency

Villas for sale in Umm Ghuwailina start as two bedroom homes, and can go up to five bedrooms villas, which is perfect for anyone who is looking for some additional space. Of course, the prices are high, but purchasing a villa in Doha is certainly a lifelong investment, which will surely pay off. The compounds for sale in Umm Ghuwailina are also popular, as they offer added amenities and facilities such as pools, fitness centers and children’s playgrounds, which are perfect for allowing the kids to run around and play freely. The apartments for sale in Umm Ghuwailina are spacious, and vary in style and size, and you can find apartments with one bedroom, up to three bedrooms.

Buying property always involves a much longer decision making process. There are special rules for freehold areas which allow for foreign ownership of property. When looking for properties for sale in Qatar, keep these rules in mind and ask all the right questions to ensure your purchase is smooth and hassle free. As always, it pays to engage the services of a legal professional with property expertise so that your experience when buying real estate in Qatar is as smooth as possible.