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Buying Properties in Doha

The rapid development that Qatar is witnessing has encouraged the the Qatari to loosen up the strict laws and regulations of foreign ownership and investment in the country, and laws have been introduced that allow foreigners to buy property in Qatar in a number of large-scale developments. While areas are limited, it is predicted that more areas will follow. The two main freehold developments in Doha are The Pearl Qatar and West Bay Lagoon, which offer residents a number of properties for sale in two of the most impressive areas in the country. Buying property in Doha is an option that residents opt for when looking to stay in Doha for the long run, as it is a lifelong and fruitful investment. Qatar is known for its diverse blend of architectural styles, with building designs ranging from contemporary to traditional, offering residents a wide choice of properties for sale.

Properties for sale in The Pearl are some of the most luxurious and grand in the country, and vary between studios, apartments and villas. The design of properties in the Pearl is unique and offers a stunning home to its residents. Properties are modern and very well kept, and include incredible views of both the city and the sea. Villas for sale in The Pearl are spacious and very luxurious, and are some of the most exclusive housing units in the country. If you are looking to live in a high rise towers, then start your search by looking at apartments for sale in the Pearl.

The Pearl offers residents a unique living experience, especially as it is also home to a number of restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities, as well as services like banks, dry cleaners, etc…

The Pearl Qatar
Waterfront Villa in West Bay Lagoon

Buying property in Doha is a lifelong investment

Adjacent to the Pearl is West Bay Lagoon, which is one of the most serene and quiet areas in Doha. While it is away from the busy city life, it is in close proximity to Doha’s city centre, which makes it a very popular choice for families. You will be able to find a range of properties for sale in West Bay Lagoon, including villa for sale in compounds, as well as independent stand-alone villas. Villas for sale in West Bay Lagoon are of the highest standards and are grand and luxurious, offering a one of a kind life experience for the owner. Added facilities such as a pool and a garden are standard and the extra space can easily be utilized when entertaining guests and family.

Before making any decisions or signing an agreement, make sure you consult with a lawyer or legal office, and also verify that the property is indeed available for foreign ownership through the Doha Municipality or the Ministry of Justice’s Real Estate Registration Department. This will ensure that the process is as stress free as possible. It also worth noting that you are entitled to apply for a homeowner’s residence permit, which is valid for five years and allows the owner and their immediate family to live in Doha.

Whether you would like to purchase a property to live in yourself, or are thinking of renting it out, Doha offers you a number of choices when it comes to buying properties. Naturally, the price of investment in property is high, but purchasing property in Doha is certainly a lifelong investment, which will surely pay off, as the city's future is surely a bright one!