Properties for rent in Al Wakrah

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Properties for Rent in Al Wakrah

There is a continuous influx of expats who are relocating to Qatar, as the country’s successful bid in hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup has created a number of job opportunities, and people from all over the world are choosing to move to Qatar and take advantage of the career development and the high wages it is offers. Because of that, the Qatari Government is working hard to expand other cities in the country in addition to Doha, and offering development projects in those areas, with a major focus on real estate projects in order to provide new residential units in different locations, different styles and budgets, to cater the demand of residents.

As a result of residents looking for properties for rent in mostly in the country's capital, Doha, rent prices have increased dramatically, traffic is becoming heavier and heavier, and there are even waiting lists for schools and accommodations. Consequently, a number of residents are choosing to move further away from the city, and are looking for homes in different cities other than Doha.

One of those cities is Al Wakrah, which offers residents an insider look into Qatari cultural and tradition, as it is considered to be more of a traditional area, one that includes stunning mosques, old homes and a harbour. It is also home to Al Wakrah fort, considered to be a significant landmark in the country. The city is bordered by the Arabian Gulf on the eastern side, making it a coastal city.

Al Wakrah Map
Al Wakrah Park

Al Wakrah Offers Homes at Budget Friendly Prices

Major developments plans are underway for Al Wakrah, which include a park and a country club. A cornice-like water front is also planned, along with a number of hotels, a golf course and a railway station.

The apartments for rent in Al Wakrah vary in their offerings; they can range from anywhere between one to three bedroom apartments. Depending on the type of space you need, you can easily find a house that is suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Apartments for rent in Al Wakrah, Al Wakrah are also offered as short term homes for those who prefer that.

Villas for rent in Al Wakrah are spacious homes, and are also considered to be budget friendly in comparison to homes in Doha. These are perfect for families, especially those who are looking for additional space. Villas for rent in Al Wakrah, Al Wakrah also offer a number of standalone villas for those who are looking for complete privacy in their home. The compounds for rent in Al Wakrah are top choice when it comes to family living, as compounds usually offer facilities such as pools and playgrounds, which are perfect for children to run around in and play safely. There are also whole buildings for rent in Al Wakrah available as well.

When it comes to finding the right home, residents are pleasantly surprised when they learn that there is more to Qatar than just Doha, and that they are able to find outing alternatives in other areas of the city.