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Properties for Rent in Ezdan Village

Thanks to the number of residents that continue to flock to Qatar, finding properties for rent in Qatar has never been easier. And because the country is currently undergoing a rapid development in all sectors, and is also expanding the areas in which housing is offered to residents, more and more residents are choosing to look for homes outside of Doha. Cities such as Al Wakrah are gaining popularity, especially from those who do not mind the commute, and would rather trade in the hustle and bustle of the bust city for a more serene and quiet living area, one that comes with a sense of community living and closeness and well. Be prepared however, to spend some time on the road, as traffic can be heavy going into the city (there most offices are located) especially at peak hours.

Al Wakrah offers residents an insider look into Qatari cultural and tradition, as it is considered to be more of a traditional area, one that includes stunning mosques, old homes and a harbor. It is also home to Al Wakrah fort, considered to be a significant landmark in the country. The city is bordered by the Arabian Gulf on the eastern side, making it a coastal city. Major developments plans are underway for Al Wakrah, which include a park and a country club. A cornice-like water front is also planned, along with a number of hotels, a golf course and a railway station.

Located in Al Wakah, Ezdan Village is one of the most popular developments when looking for homes for rent outside of Doha, and includes units that are fully furnished and are budget friendly, making them a well-liked for many mid-income residents who are looking for quality housing. In Al Wakrah, there are about 15,000 housing units, over 25 villages that offer apartments and villas for rent for residents of the coastal city to choose from.

Ezdan Village
Housing units in Ezdan Village

Ezdan Village is the most populated housing complex in Al Wakrah

Apartments for rent in Ezdan Village range in terms of size, with some apartments including one, two or three bedrooms. Some buildings will offer tenants extra facilities such as a pool or gym, which is certainly an added plus. Apartments vary between fully furnished, semi furnished or not furnished, and depending on your needs, you will easily be able to find the right apartment for you. Rent is also an advantage, as many will agree that apartments for rent in Al Wakrah are more budget friendly than those available in Doha. Apartments for rent in Ezdan Village 24, Ezdan Village are just some of the flats available in Al Wakrah.

There are also a number of villas for rent in Ezdan Village that make for great family homes and are quite spacious as well. Villas for rent in Ezdan Village 21, Ezdan Village are also a popular option for families. There are a number of different rental units available in Ezdan Village, and you will certainly be able to find one that is tailor-made to suite your needs and your lifestyle for a very reasonable budget.