Apartments for rent in Abu Hamour

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Apartments for Rent in Abu Hammour

The ongoing expansion and development that Qatar is seeing is attracting expats from all over the world to pack up and relocate the Gulf state. Thanks to the career development that the country offers, as well as financial security and a family friendly atmosphere, more and more expats are now calling Qatar home. After Qatar’s successful bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the country is, solidifying the Gulf state’s position as a metropolitan and current country. Because of that, the government is working hard to ensure that the high number of people who come to work and live in Qatar are able to find suitable housing options that suit their needs and lifestyle.

The country’s capital, Doha, remains the most heavily populated city in the country, and is still the first option when residents look for properties for rent in Qatar. It is the centre of the country, and offers a number of areas that you can choose from when looking for housing. Abu Hammour is one of those areas, and there are a number of different properties for rent in Abu Hammour. The area is considered to be somewhat budget friendly than other areas in town, and it is also in close proximity to several international schools and nurseries. Its central location gives residents easy access to almost all areas in Doha. This is another reason that makes it popular with families, as it allows a short drive for both schools and the office! There are also a few malls in Abu Hammour, including The Mall and Landmark Mall. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes in the area, and is one of the busiest areas in Doha, offering residents a number of activities to enjoy, especially as some of the county’s biggest and newest malls are located in Abu Hammour.

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Barwa City Abu Hammour

Abu Hammour is a popular residential area in Doha

Apartments for rent in Abu Hammour vary between one and three bedroom apartments and are available for rent as either furnished or unfurnished, with the former being the most prominent option. This makes it easier for you to make the move, as you will not be burdened with choosing and outfitting the house. Apartment buildings in Abu Hammour also include features and amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centres, which residents enjoy using. Flats for rent in Abu Hammour are very well maintained and while some could be a little older than those in newer locations like West Bay and The Pearl, they offer a certain authenticity to them, that people enjoy. You will also find that Abu Hammour is more rooted with culture than some of the more modern areas in Doha. Apartments for rent in Barwa city, Abu Hamour are some of the most popular housing options in the area, and a two bedroom apartment starts at QAR 8,500 a month

Doha has a lot to offer its residents, and those who are moving to Qatar will be happy to learn that the country is a metropolitan city with opportunities for all its residents to benefit from. While finding a new house in a new country can be a stressful ordeal, the number of apartments for rent in Qatar will surely make it easier for you to find the right home for you.