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Apartments for Rent in West Bay Doha

While Qatar continues to see expansion plans all over the country, and offers residents various areas to find apartments for rent in Qatar, the capital, Doha remains the hub of all commercial, financial and social activity in the country. And in the centre of that is West Bay, the area with the gleaming skyline and towering buildings. One of the newly developed neighbourhood of Doha, it is widely considered to be the most prominent, where tall skyscrapers and impressive architecture add to the busy city feel of West Bay.

There are a number of areas to choose from when renting an apartment in Doha, and West Bay is considered to be one of the most popular areas, especially counting the fact that it is always busy with activities and events. The area is over following with restaurants, cafes, five star hotels and malls, making it one the most frequented and visited areas in the country; it is also one of the most heavily populated areas, thanks to its new residential buildings and towers, and the fact that most offices and businesses are located in the vicinity, making it more convenient for many.

West Bay is liked by both families and young professional, as the overall ambiance of the area is attractive to all sorts of renters. There are a number of international schools in the area, as well as a handful of nurseries and kindergartens. This is especially important for families with children, who mostly choose the location of their housing based on the area where the school is located, as traffic (especially in the morning) can be very heavy. In addition to location, the general aesthetic of the area is also very attractive; high rise buildings, a beautiful corniche and waterfront walkway, as well as a stunning skyline are all characteristics of West Bay, and are some of the reasons why residents look for rental units there.

West Bay Buildings
Modern West Bay Apartment Interior

If you are looking to be in the centre of it all, West Bay is the place for you

The apartments in West Bay are spacious, modern and very well kept. You can expect units that are of very high standard, and somewhat on the luxurious side. Most are equipped with large windows, in order to enjoy the view, of course! As with most buildings is Qatar, you will be able to find apartments with one, two or three bedrooms, and will have the option of choosing between fully furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished units. A one bedroom apartment in West Bay will have an average monthly rent of QAR 11,000. As these are all modern and newly developed residential buildings, generally, they all include added facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, community rooms and a reception.

Serviced/Hotel apartments are also available for rent in West Bay, which are exactly like living in a hotel, including all the services and amenities you would expect. Keep in mind that rent prices for serviced apartments are much more expensive than regular apartments.

You will find plenty of activities to keep you busy and entertained in West Bay. The area can easily be described as the liveliest in the country, giving residents the right combination of impressive, modern skyscrapers and residential towers. If you are looking to be in the centre of it all, West Bay is the place for you!