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Finding a Compound in Doha

One of the major attractions of living in Doha is how family friendly it is. This reason on its own is a prominent factor in why people choose to call Qatar home. It offers a calm environment which is ideal for families or young couples who are expecting, and with the constant number of new people moving to Qatar, properties for rent in Doha are becoming available every day.

If you're looking for a living space with your family, renting a compound in Doha is surely the way to go. It offers additional security for your loved ones as well as services and amenities that will not only keep the children busy, but are also perfect for when you need to unwind after a long day. Keeping the children busy will not be a hard task when there is a pool, a playground or a club house available! In addition to the services provided in compounds in Doha, the main obvious advantage is size. While many compound villas offer 2 bedrooms, it is not uncommon to find villas in Doha with three, four and even five bedrooms! The space provided is perfect for big families, or for anyone who is looking for an extra room to turn into an office or playroom. Another advantage is the private back yard or garden a compound villa provides, perfect for hosting friends and family in Qatar’s cooler months.

Compounds for rent in Al Waab are very popular, and while they offer different size villas they are mainly located in close knit community compounds. It also very centrally located, with easy access to schools, healthcare centers and one of Doha’s largest malls, Villago. Another area which offers great options for compounds is Madinat Khalifah, which is also in close proximity to shopping malls and schools. Villas for rent in West Bay Lagoonare also proving to be very popular with residents, as it is a little bit further from the hustle and bustle of the city, but is still within easy access to all points of interest in the city.

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Compounds offer family friendly facilities

Many choose the location of the compounds based on the location of their children’s schools, as the commute can be a little overwhelming. Many residents enjoy living in compounds with similar-minded people who share the same lifestyles and ways of living. It is a great way to mingle and make lifelong friends, and is especially beneficial for introducing children to each other, which in turn helps in play time and creating relationships outside of school hours. A very popular area for finding compounds in Doha is Al Waab, where multiple options are available. Ain Khaled, Al Gharrafa and Abu Hamour are all great locations for finding compound rentals in Doha.

As this type of accommodation is very popular in Doha, it can be a little challenging to find an available villa for rent in a compound easily on the spot; to lessen the hassle, once you make a choice, ensure that all needed paperwork and documents are readily available when signing the lease agreement.

There are many compounds available in Doha that are suitable for your specific needs and lifestyle, and once you find the one that matches that, it will not be long before you call it home! The variety of compounds for rent in Doha ensures that whatever you are looking for in a home, you will easily find.