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Renting a villa in Al Gharrafah

With all eyes on Qatar as it prepares to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup, the country is showing no signs of slowing down. From improving the country's infrastructure, to constructing impressive projects and developments, the country has become a major global powerhouse in the past few years. With that, the country is also offering a number of job opportunities for expats from all over the world, as they come looking for a new life and further their careers. subsequently, because of the high number of residents that are moving to Qatar, the government is constantly making changes and additions to its real estate profile, offering a high number of properties for rent in Qatar.

Qatar is well known for being a family friendly country, and offers a child friendly environment, which is one of the main reasons you see people moving their families across the world and calling Qatar home. For the most part, Doha remains the number of city where expats resides; it offers the highest number of properties for rent, ranging from apartments for rent in Doha to villas for rent in Doha. depending on your needs, you will be able to find the right rental unit to call home, be it in a high rise tower in West Bay, or a villa in a compounds. Villas for rent in Qatar vary in terms of space and style. In most cases, villas for rent will include three bedrooms as a minimum, as can go up to five or six for those looking for the extra space. Usually, villas for rent in Al Gharrafah are offered as unfurnished, and prices start at 12,000 QAR a month for a three bedroom villa in the area.

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Compound in Al Gharafa

Al Gharrafah is a popular area for families living in Doha

When it comes to family living, most expats choose to live in villas, mostly which are located in compounds. There are a number of areas that offer villas for rent in Doha, including Al Gharrafah, which is located in Al Rayaan municipality. Al Gharaffa is one of the largest areas in Doha with a wide mix of stand alone villas, compounds and apartments. It is in close proximity to to most of the major shopping centers and main roads, offering easy access to all areas of the city. It is also within close proximity to Education City, which is popular with families who are either working there or who have children who are enrolled in those institutions.

Most villas in Qatar are available in closed or gated compounds. Compounds in Qatar offer a very comfortable lifestyle, and usually include facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds and gyms. Living in a compound in Qatar is also a great way to meet new people and make friends, with some people creating lifelong bonds with their neighbors. There are a number of compounds for rent in Qatar, which also offers an added sense of security for families, especially that children can roam around freely and play with others safety.

When moving with a family, consider living in a villa in Qatar, as it offers the most convenient and family friendly lifestyle in the country.