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Renting a Villa in Al Waab

Qatar is known for being a family friendly country, and attracts a high number of families from all across the world to pack up and move there, creating a new life and of course, developing their careers in the process. Developers are well aware of this fact, and, together with the Qatari government, work hard to constantly deliver different options for housing and accommodation, suitable for all types of people and the specific requirements that they need when choosing a home during their time in Doha.

While there are villas for rent all across Qatar, Doha remains the top options for families when looking to rent a villa. Villas are a very popular choice when it comes to finding accommodation in Doha, especially when it is in a closed compound. Not only do these villas offer security and safety for children and families, but also offer the space and facilities needed when living with children, which include swimming pools, playgrounds and for the adults, fitness centres.

There are a number of areas that offer villas for rent in Doha, however, the most popular are continues to be Al Waab, which offers a very high number of villas for rent in compounds. Most of the major real estate developers operate compounds in Al Waab and a majority of these houses are modernly designed and are spacious, which is very accommodating when it comes to living with a family. The extra space is very convenient, and can be used for a playroom or an office.
Al Waab Street
Compound in Al Waab

A family favourite location

Villas for rent in Al Waab vary in sizes, but mainly you will find that most villas have three or four bedrooms. They also include a private backyard or garden, as well as a garage. Some even have very spacious balconies or roof decks.

Al Waab is a very active area, and considered to be a central area of Doha. It is in close proximity to most international schools, and many schools arrange for bus drop offs for children in the different compounds. Located in Al Waab is also Aspire Zone, which includes Aspire Park, a great lush and green area in Doha that is perfect for children and families to spent time in. Villagio Mall and Royal Plaza are also located in Al Waab, and are two of the most popular malls in Doha.

Al Waab City is a development project that is currently under construction; upon completion it is set to add 639 villas, 1,293 apartments and 425 hotel rooms to the area and is planned to accommodate over 8,000 people. The mere size of this project is proof that the Al Waab will continue to be one of the most popular areas for finding a villa in Doha.

Renting a villa in Dohais surely a great option for anyone who needs the extra space and is looking for family accommodation in Doha. Al Waab is certainly the hub of finding a villa for rent, and you will surely not be disappointed with the various villas on offer.